Visit to the Citadel of Namur (B)

Namur is an historical city in the Walloon region of Belgium. It has a high rock and on top of it there is a fortress or citadel. You can go on foot or by car. There you have a beautiful view of the environment and the river Meuse. I made several pictures and did some […]

Seven composition with split-tone effect

The walls of this church were drawing my attention. The repetition of the lines, the light and shades forced me to consider careful compositions. The split-tone effect gave it the surrealistic feeling I experienced in this rather empty church. Location: Cathédrale Saint-Aubain at Namur (B)

Not-so-snapshots at Rue Haute Marcelle, Namur(B)

When entering Rue Haute Marcelle in Namur, most people take their smartphone and instantly make a picture of the colorful umbrellas. I did the same but not instantly. I wanted to make it different and not just the ordinary snapshot. It’s up to you to comment. 😉 Post-processing: yes