When you make abstract composition, you may receive comments like what is it, why, I do not understand it, what do you see in it, … So, it is a sheet of crumpled paper with 2 colors backlight and post processed it to add contrast. Taken with a 50mm@f8.0 and macro extension tubes.

Rose, rosier, rosiest, much more it will not become

A series of flower petals covered with dew. Early mornig a rose garden next to some wood. The dew was nicely covering the fragile rose petals. I took my 50mm and an extension tube to get better details.  


CONTRASTS in HASSELT: Beautiful and special things, old and new buildings, strange and surprising corners, capture compositions that are abstract or graphic, but above all look, see and let the thoughts be what they are. Photographing things that others ignore but are so much fun. Enjoy the contrasts that I have captured in our neighboring […]