Bad weather and a sailing boat too far away

When a photo misses some spirit due to the cloudy weather, you can improve it easily by added contrast and some post processing to make the clouds heavier.

Rule of thirds: Putting even a small subject on the right position in the frame, it will make the composition stronger.


Studio photography was fun with Chelsey

With some assistance to set up the lighting and a professional model I was able to make this photo shoot.

Thanks to APL team and Chelsey Fannes

Please, just look towards the sea

I asked if I could make a picture of here when she was looking towards the sea. I do not speak Russian and she only spoke Russian so I had to make hand gestures to explain not to look to the camera but to the sea. At one moment she even thought I was asking her to jump into the water. So there was this moment of fun at the Djerba Beach.

Chateau de Duras – L’orangerie

Why not using a French title.

Everybody wanted to visit the castle during the open days so a lot of people stand in front of the castle. I found the Orangery which was hidden behind a big fence.