View point at the limestone quarry

View on the limestone quarry at Mount Saint Peter which is a cement factory operated by ENCI.

Here you can make a nice walk with a beautiful view point.


Midday light at the river Meuse / Maas near Maastricht

The sun was already high but there was still some fog over the river so I made the picture.

Yes, this one needed post-processing to get it right.


I kneeled on the church floor with my 50mm (@f9 and @f1.8)

Portrait and landscape with 2 different apertures.

Tip: Close to the floor you may find reflections. With an old hardstone church floor the reflection is almost a mirror.

Bonus: without a tripod it is even no problem to use a low shutter speed 😉

Holiday pictures: Djerba tourist market

Subjects: Sex herbs, colorful pottery, tajines, djellaba shops

After 1/2hour I got enough of it, I had taken a few pictures and went back to the swimming pool.

The moment you look at something, the salesmen jump up from their chair (However, most of them were not extremely pushing)