Best (cheap) lens ever – 50mm F1.8 – Creative + post-processing (10 pictures)

The nifty-fifty aka 50mm f1.8 is the must have lens for low budget. At f8.0 it performs extremely good, however at f1.8 it can or shall be used as a creative lens. With post processing you can create pictures “Worthy of hanging in an Art Gallery”. The series I made is from a rusty iron […]

Challenge yourself – screws

Give yourself a challenge to take a random object and make a series of creative pictures. My object were 3 screws which I found when grabbing in the used screws box (everybody has such a box!) So I took my 50mm f1.8 and the macro extension tubes. The light was the warm-hued fluorescent lamp above […]

Home studio experiment with crumpled paper – “the making of”

A series of pictures to explain the process and light settings to make a crumpled paper abstract. Backlight mixed = PC monitor with cold blue white, and Fluorecent warm white light No front light!!! when making the picture.Canon Nifty-Fifty 50mm, f1.8 MK-I, @f8.0 and exposure 4″Macro extension tubes Meike 13+21+31 mm, Tripod, Post-processing: S-curve, contrast, […]