Made from pure gold

Tip! – During post-processing, you can turn the color temperature a bit warmer so that rather cold items will get a golden shine. Here I also added contrast to get deep saturated colors to get a strong warm-cold effect Location: Düsseldorf – looking into the sky

Reflecting the reflection @ Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf 3x

Does it happen also to you that you get fascinated about reflections. By taking a slightly different position, it will change the composition completely. Please join my fascination with these 3 pictures of this art object at the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf. The art object are 2 cube like shapes covered with mirror sheet metal.

Clicking on the camera means you see something

One may push the button because there is a composition, a subject of interest or whatever, but it means you see something. I saw a strong composition with the traffic light isolated against a wall of glass. The few blue windows contrast with the green dot.

I was at an art exhibition – “Crossing Thoughts”

The environment of the art exhibition took my attention. The exhibition was about glazed ceramics. Artist: Tamara van San. Artwork “Crossing Thoughts” is hanging on the wall. Location: De Garage in Mechelen (B)