There was art “exit ’17” in the cellar

Location: Monasterium O.L.V. Middelares РGenk РBelgium During an exhibition of the art school of Genk I made this composition  in the cellar. (see also my previous post about this subject)

5 pics – Getting closer with a 50mm+21mm macro extension @ f8

My first trial with the extension tube outdoor (read ‘extra wind’) and a DoF of a few mm. So it becomes a challenge to have good focus and sharp picture. Luckily I had my monopod with me. The subject are small flowers on a bush – I have no idea how it calls (not important […]

50 shades of green at the fortifications of Hulst (NL)

6 views from the fortifications around the city Hulst. It is in the Netherlands close to the Belgian border. A lot of people come here to visit the city centre but for me the wall around the city was spectacular due to the fresh spring green leaves and the backlight. The unspoiled background was for […]