2nd place – 2de plaats “Fruity Pictures – Fruitige Beelden”

2nd place in a photo contest organized by “Keizerlijke Commanderie van de Edele Haspengouwse Fruyteniers en hun Gastronomie” Here is the picture with a poem from Sandra Elisa Maes. (Dutch language – and a poem should not be translated)

Art project in the abbey by Hans Op de Beeck – The Quiet View

I was impressed by this art project so I made this series of it The Quiet View – Het Stille Uitzicht Hans Op de Beeck 2015 Permanent sculptural installation @ Abbey Herkenrode – Kuringen/Hasselt (B) Link: http://www.hansopdebeeck.com/works/2015/the-quiet-view

Landschaftspark is an other planet

7 pictures in portrait, landscape and square format. ********** Strange constructions and no clue what it is for. It was a very cold day, however the contrast of cold concrete and the flood of sun light made it a wonderful experience. for a moment I was on an other planet 🙂 Enjoy.