Go low, yes, go very low

Go low, yes, go very low and a new world will go open for you. No, you don’t need to go as deep as hell, the church floor will be sufficient. 3x reflections.

Tip: Use a camera with a flip up screen


I kneeled on the church floor with my 50mm (@f9 and @f1.8)

Portrait and landscape with 2 different apertures.

Tip: Close to the floor you may find reflections. With an old hardstone church floor the reflection is almost a mirror.

Bonus: without a tripod it is even no problem to use a low shutter speed 😉

Holiday pictures: Djerba tourist market

Subjects: Sex herbs, colorful pottery, tajines, djellaba shops

After 1/2hour I got enough of it, I had taken a few pictures and went back to the swimming pool.

The moment you look at something, the salesmen jump up from their chair (However, most of them were not extremely pushing)


Holiday pictures: Ready to sail

Tip: Your goal should not be to capture the “top 10 must sees” when you are on holiday.

Goal: Search (looking around and seeing it) and you will find your subjects although there is nothing to see.

Here I focused on the color contrasts – Red lines, a blue sky and the azuur sea.

Holiday pictures: Djerba on a cloudy day

Looking for the perfect composition, yellow-blue chairs against the azuur sea, no disturbing items in the frame, checking if the horizon is level (still some correction needed afterwards though) and then click.

Any yep, it still required a lot of post processing afterwards to be satisfied.