Succulent – Aperture stacking @ f1.8 & f8.0

The 50mm at f1.8 has some softness and this was a bit to soft so I did a stacking with an f8.0. Now the hart of the plant is sharp and the rest is soft.


very shallow depth of field with a 50mm + macro extension tube

Some may complaint about the very shallow depth of field but it changes ordinary objects completely.


At the flea market – 4 boxes with content

At the flea market one can find antiquities but also trash. My attention was drawn by those boxes with various unsorted items and others with nicely sorted items.


Succulent @ f1.8 with the nifty fifty+macro ring

I had some doubt to purchase a “real” macro lens, based on the cost of it, I decided to buy a series of macro extension tubes.

I know at f1.8 this lens is performing soft but it works surprisingly well to me.

I have a flower pot with various succulent plants which I approached at different angles to get this f1.8 series.