Brusselnoord – Brussels Noord station area

Be a tourist in own country. Brussels is 1 hour driving from my home town by train or by car. I only used my 50mm lens (Canon nifty fifty f1.8 MK-I)

3 composition with contrasts of cold & warm colors, and old & new

Look up and make your composition

To focus on lines and reflections of buildings you need to look up. That’s what I did in this series of 10 compositions

Post processing: added contrasts (also shadows-high lights), vignetting, enhanced the yellow tones, changed color temperature to warm.

Gear: Canon camera with 50mm F1.8 MKI

Unusual photo locations: parking garage

Do you feel attracted to geometric lines and repetitions in your photography. Try to visit a parking garage. This one is new built and only few cars were parked at -2 level. Also the lights are only on where a car comes through, so light conditions changes all the time.

Location: “Quartier Bleu” in Hasselt – Belgium