(Censored) World Naked Bike Ride – Brussels – 16 Jun 2018

Yesterday I made a walk through the streets of Brussels looking for architecture and wall paintingsĀ  (these pictures will follow soon). When I saw naked people on a bike crossing the street I quickly took few pictures before they were gone.

I did some censoring to avoid problems on social media. If someone has the need to see naked people search on the specialized sites. šŸ˜‰

When post processing the pictures I was supprised to see other details. A person hiding himself behind a bush of leaves, other people continue their walk as if nothing has happened. Interresting though.



Art created by nature – 3 pictures

The beach is a canvas, the sand and the volcanic dust the paint. The cord on the buoy the brush.

Life guard had not much to do

On this cloudy day nobody came to the beach


Bad weather does not exist to make pictures – Tenerife

On a cloudy day on Tenerife there was nobody at the beach. So for me the time to make some pictures.

Damaged beauties (Tenerife)

At the Hard Rock Cafe – Playa de Las Americas – Tenerife there is this row of statues. I took a closer look and saw strong compositions so I made this series of 6 pictures.

I was on a volcano

El Teide on Tenerife – above the clouds.

4 Close up compositions with a succulent

Gear: Canon 50mm f1.8 MK-I and Meike 21mm macro extension tube

Subject: 1 small succulent plant from various angles