Semi-urbex in Leuven – 7 Compositions

Location: Old hospital in the centre of Leuven(B)

Goal: to find compositions in old/odd things. That’s about it.

Doll’s were misused in Leuven

Don’t worry it was part of the art exhibition “amateurama” at the “Predikherenkerk” in Leuven. I did not captured the whole art-work only som small parts of it. See the pictures I made of it.


Give me some power

Springtime, Sunlight, Fresh Grass.
Power is in the Air
Blossoms are popping Open
Sint-Truiden is Beautiful

Lined up and yes, ALL were Shot by ME from Different Angles – 7 blossom pics


Yee, they are planting potatoes in my backyard – 7 landscape shots

During my blossom photoshoot last week I was suprised to find so many potato fields. And, it is just a few 100meters from my home.
It gave this extra dimension in these blossom pictures.