Chateau de Duras – L’orangerie

Why not using a French title.

Everybody wanted to visit the castle during the open days so a lot of people stand in front of the castle. I found the Orangery which was hidden behind a big fence.


Trees at the castle of Duras

No I did not took any pictures of the castle because it was an open day event and I did not subscribe to it so I took a few pictures of the beautiful drive alley


3 compositions at the “M” from Museum Leuven (B)

Yes, there is a museum named “M” and it is located in the centre of the university city Leuven. The architecture has some special features and changes with the light. In this series I captured the entrance stairs, the light tunnel in the ceiling and the terras with colorful chairs.

Visit to the Citadel of Namur (B)

Namur is an historical city in the Walloon region of Belgium. It has a high rock and on top of it there is a fortress or citadel. You can go on foot or by car. There you have a beautiful view of the environment and the river Meuse.

I made several pictures and did some semi-HDR post processing.