4 compositions of a pipe organ in Maastricht

So last week I visited an art exhibition project at several places in Maastricht. One place was the Cellebroeders-chapel where the pipe organ took my attention (besides of the exposed art). So I took a series of it and I added some post-processing too it.

You can check more about the chapel and a full view of the organ at below link



Landscape with a strong line 2x

A line running through the landscape. I took 2 pictures from a different angle and was not sure which one is best.

Statues with oysters touching the sky in Terneuzen

Two times the same object from different point of view, in portret and lanscape format

Water and clouds meet in Terneuzen

2 formats, same subject at low tide of the river Scheldt.
Taking care of composition and balans of dark and light.

Low tide at Terneuzen

Portret and landscape view of same subject. Horizon in the middle. Low and high point of view.