This is not a fisherman’s knot

Farmers do it different.

Landscape with an odd subject

It crossed my eye so I had to capture it.

Divided world

The end is near

There was too much color in Schulen(B)

Ordinary lanscape which had to much color after the semi HDR post processing so I did some desaturation to get a cool effect. I hope it worked out.

Cabo Espichel – hidden beach, lighthouse and high cliffs

Morning fog,
horizon is slightly visible,
rays of sun breaking through,
Patience, in a moment
the wonders of nature
will be revealed

3 pics: This is not the place to stumble – Cabo Espichel (Portugal)

3 times landscape in portrait format of this beautiful place.

yep, I can confirm that this is not the place to stumble.

6 pictures of Santuario de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel

Post-Processing: Split-tone + semi-HDR

Location: Portugal – Sesimbra