Light is on

Gear: DSLR + nifty fifty

Location: Leuven (B) Sint-Pieters hospital

Post-Processing: yes


4x Semi-Urbex at Sint-Pieters hospital – Leuven(B)

Location: The Sint-Pieters hospital is located in the centre of Leuven.

Tip: To challenge yourself, only take one prime lens with you. I took my”nifty-fifty” lens (Canon 50mm f1.8 MKI). –> everybody should have this lens.

Note: I call it semi-urbex because I did not enter any building. The outside was OK for me.

Playing a bit with shallow DOF

The plastic 50mm at f2.8 gives a perfect DOF with still enough sharpness and a fully blurred background¬† (at a lower “f” the lens has some softness which may be disturbing for some subjects)

By adding contrast it will enhance the cold and warm colors. Also the reflection will become a bit stronger.