My goal, Looking for composition

Take a walk between the orchards where the blossoms are ready to emerge and the fields that are nicely plowed. I enjoyed the beauty and meanwhile I took pictures and searched for compositions. This series was made in my hometown which is known for its fruit growing and now has thousands of visitors to come and admire the blossoms.

Best (cheap) lens ever – 50mm F1.8 – Creative + post-processing (10 pictures)

The nifty-fifty aka 50mm f1.8 is the must have lens for low budget. At f8.0 it performs extremely good, however at f1.8 it can or shall be used as a creative lens.

With post processing you can create pictures “Worthy of hanging in an Art Gallery”. The series I made is from a rusty iron wire fence, used to cage sheep, dog or other small animals. The details at f1.8 become abstract images with extreme shallow DoF. The post processing is split tone (cold and warm tones), adding high contrast and vignetting.

This subject survived a strong contrast

Dare to pull the sliders in post-processing to the limits, contrast, S-curve to enhance pale colors. Dare to change the color temperature. Be careful because not all subjects survive it. I made this series of an artwork called “Labyrinth” at a cloudy day to avoid hard shaddows. It is a 4meter high maze of big steel plates welded together.

Challenge yourself – screws

Give yourself a challenge to take a random object and make a series of creative pictures. My object were 3 screws which I found when grabbing in the used screws box (everybody has such a box!) So I took my 50mm f1.8 and the macro extension tubes. The light was the warm-hued fluorescent lamp above my desk and the cold blue outdoor light entering through the window. With the tripod I made various compositions using the live view mode.

Home studio experiment with crumpled paper – “the making of”

A series of pictures to explain the process and light settings to make a crumpled paper abstract.

Backlight mixed = PC monitor with cold blue white, and Fluorecent warm white light
No front light!!! when making the picture.
Canon Nifty-Fifty 50mm, f1.8 MK-I, @f8.0 and exposure 4″
Macro extension tubes Meike 13+21+31 mm, Tripod,
Post-processing: S-curve, contrast, color temperature corrections

Mixed light and camera set in home studio (no front light)
object “crumpled paper” (with front light as example no monitor light, only front light)
Detail of object “crumpled paper” (with front light as example)

Wandeling langs de Wolverdel

In Dutch but pictures are main subject so enjoy

Sint-Truiden en omgeving

Wandelen of beter gezegd, een fotosafari van landschappen en elementen zoeken, bestuderen en vastleggen in een compositie. Deze wandeling is zo goed als in mijn achtertuin en is net als de zee of de bergen in elk seizoen weer net een beetje anders. Hartje Haspengouw met velden en boomgaarden. Het gebied genaamd “de wolverdel” is net onder een hoogspanningslijn en is een element dat ik als onderwerp in deze reeks heb gestoken. Prikkeldraad en details van diverse elementen zitten mee in deze audio-visual. De nabewerking is een semi-HDR om de contrasten in de lucht te versterken.

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